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‘Hospital told me about my wife’s death a month later’

. . .They blamed the hospital for a family member who died without being told

THE family of a KwaNdengezi woman who died at RK Khan Hospital has been in shock for almost a month.

Nomusa Winnie Mkhize (57) from Pretoria KwaNdengezi, was admitted to the hospital in early August suffering from high blood pressure and diabetes.

Julius Mkhize, her husband, said he was waiting for his wife to be buried peacefully and then contact lawyers who would advice him on what procedures to follow when he want to open a case against the hospital.

“I used to call the hospital and ask about my wife’s health and they told me she was fine,” said Mkhize.

He said it was not easy for them to see his wife in hospital because no one had been allowed to enter the area since the Covid-19 outbreak.

Mkhize said he became suspicious after he called them and asked about his wife’s health and they did not say anything specific

“One day they said she was alive and eating. Sometimes they said they would come back to me but my wife is alive. They did not return to me as promised, ”he explained.

He said they were eventually tipped off by a staff member at the hospital who told them that his wife had died, the nurses did not want to go public for fear of negligence.

“The next thing the nurses would call us when we asked about my wife’s condition, and then they would show contempt, sometimes when they heard it was me, they would shut up and not answer me,” he said.

He said it was puzzling that at the end of last month he was told that his wife was still healthy they can come to pick her up at the hospital.

“We bought fruit and brought her clothes to change because we told ourselves we would be back with her.

When we arrived at the hospital, the security guard refused to let us in and took our luggage and said he would hand it over to the nurses, ”said Mkhize.

Shortly afterwards, he said they saw her luggage being returned, they were told to go inside.

“We were told inside the hospital that we should look for my wife in the morgue.

They were running away and no one wanted to talk to us, ”he explained.

According to Mkhize, during a search of the hospital’s morgue, they found his wife who had been dead for a month.

“All this time we kept calling the hospital, only to find out that my wife had died a long time ago.

If we had not been tipped off, she would still be alive, ”he said.

He said it was clear that his wife had almost been buried by the government while his family was present but did not know she was dead.

KwaZulu-Natal Department of Health spokesperson Ntokozo Maphisa said:

“We wish to extend our heartfelt condolences to the bereaved family. We are deeply concerned about the allegations contained in this matter.

Currently the district administration in charge of the hospital concerned has started an investigation, and they will not hesitate to take drastic action if anyone is found guilty.”

She said hospital officials had tried to contact the family to explain what had happened, but there were still challenges. However, Maphisa said the family was welcome to come forward and be told when they were ready.

Source | Isolezwe


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