Outspoken musician, Hosiah Chipanga has revealed plans to give President Emmerson Mnangagwa a CD copy of his forthcoming album, Gumi Remitemo, as a way of honouring him before its official release onto the market.


Chipanga, whose “prophetic songs” have been previously blacklisted from public broadcast, told NewsDay that the need to honour Mnangagwa has delayed the album’s release.

“I have delayed the release as I intend to meet the President first and honour him by not simply showing him the CD, but to give him his own copy. It’s about the 10 commandments which God wants Zimbabwe and the world to follow. Releasing the album before he sees it undermines the honour,” he said.

The Kwachu Kwachu hit-maker claimed God had approved his music, so he was ready to meet the new President.

“I am ready to meet him anytime depending on his schedule. I should not judge on which songs will be the people’s favourites, but they have to listen to them all and fall for their favourite,” he said.

The controversial singer’s previous albums Hero Shoko (2007), Mumweya (2014) and Gamba (2016) were blacklisted from public broadcasting, as they were viewed as criticial of former President Robert Mugabe’s policies.

Chipanga, however, cleared the air on the banned song Mumweya, saying that contrary to erroneous perception that it was against Mugabe, the album saw him being blamed for bootlicking the former leader.

“A prophet has no honour in his land. In 2014, I dedicated Mumweya to Mugabe, but none of its tracks got airplay.

It got me wondering because those who had a feel of the album accused me of bootlicking the former President,” he said.

“On the spiritual side, Mumweya tackled Zanu PF’s succession crisis, a matter that was prophetically revealed and resolved.”



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