Last week the story of a bleeding house shocked SunReaders.On Sunday a horrified Matibi Leseka (54) called the People’s Paper again.

“It’s deja vu,” she said, telling the People’s Paper how blood had started flowing all over her house again.This time it got all over her legs.The blood started flowing just as she and her partner were preparing to go to a local radio station to ask for help.

But it appears the blood-curdling horror is finally over. Sangoma Mahashi Molaba and his colleagues arrived later that day to cleanse the cursed house in zone 13 of Sebokeng in the Vaal.
Matibi said when she woke up two days ago, blood was oozing from the floor.

“I tried to run to the next room, but the blood followed me,” she told the SunTeam. Matibi, who was still na_ked at this point, ran out of the house and stood outside screaming.

This was when her partner, David Skosana (55) came to find out what the commotion was about while a neighbour came to her assistance.

After David and the neighbour arrived, the blood stopped flowing and the couple prepared for their radio interview.

The interview proved successful, as sangoma Mahashi and his colleagues offered to help them when they heard of their plight.

Mahashi said these kinds of incidents were usually caused by restless ancestors or witchcraft.

The sangomas used African rock pythons to find the source of the mayhem.

“We found a number of disturbing things in the yard, including a chicken that seems to have been feeding on chicks,” said Mahashi.

They also found half-eaten chickens. The birds’ legs were the only body parts that were still intact.

Mahashi said that could be the reason the blood got on Matibi’s legs.“In my entire career as a sangoma, I have never come across such a scene.”

The family offered its thanks for the help of the sangomas and their snakes, saying they were finally able to have a peaceful night’s sleep.



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