Horrible death for teenager after being torn to threads in train accident.

A South African teenage boy was tragically killed by a train over the weekend. The incident happened as people were jumping off a train that had been delayed between Salt River and Woodstock in Cape Town.

Witnesses said they were concentrating on jumping down from the train they were travelling on and didn’t notice another train coming from the opposite direction.

Train Accident

They said they didn’t realise how fast it was travelling. After it hit the child, it took a long time for the train to slow down. Witnesses said when they went to have a look at the body, it was cut into pieces and the skin was torn off.

Pupils who witnessed the incident were left in complete shock. Prasa’s acting spokeswoman Daphne Kayster confirmed the incident.

“Reports indicate a 16-year-old boy fell from a moving train between Woodstock and Salt River. Emergency services and the police closed the line for investigation and the victim was certified dead on the scene.”

Western Cape police spokeswoman Noloyiso Rwexana said an inquest docket was opened.


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