Home LOCAL NEWS Hopewell Chin’ono blasts prophet Magaya

Hopewell Chin’ono blasts prophet Magaya

Hopewell Chin’ono blasts prophet Magaya

Award winning Freelance journalist has taken to hiss social media platforms to blast prophet Magaya. From Passion Java to Magaya, Hopewell is not stopping at anything.

The controversial journalist blasted Magaya over a picture he took before taking off to Israel.

Chin’ono wrote:

When these stories are told that there are adults who actually thought that this charlatan would take their prayer requests to Israel in that satchel.

Future generations will be so embarrassed!

We have a society of some lazy people who expect miracles instead of fighting looting.

Unlike Java, prophet Magaya has not responded yet.

In other news, Flamboyant church leader and socialite, Prophet Passion Java torched a storm on social media when he showed o tattoos engraved on his chest.

The tattoos are of an angel and Arabic writings on his two arms in a video in which he also parades an “armoury”.

Gun totting Gaffa Prophet comes under fire!

Passion, who is not new to controversy, claimed the riffles were worth US$150 000.

The video attracted mixed feelings, with some accusing Passion of crossing the line while others justified his actions.

Zimbabwean lawyer Jairos Katsande said it was high time people should take action against Passion…Learn More