CAPS United are praying that Hardlife Zvirekwi gathers the strength to be strong in his recovery process after his left hand was amputated on Monday.


This followed a horrific accident that left him severely injured, with indications now his playing career is on the line given he will now not be part of the CAPS United squad for the first half of the season.

To add to Zifa president Philip Chiyangwa’s support yesterday, American footballer Shaquem Griffin, who lost his hand but continued playing in NFL, should provide Zvirekwi with strength in his recovery journey.

And CAPS United chief executive Cuthbert Chitima yesterday said the player needed to gather the strength to look ahead with a positive mind while a Bishop that knows the player says “hope is not lost”.

“We do not have the full report. Medical reports are always sensitive at this stage. But we pray that he finds that strength to be positive in his recovery process. That is what is very important for him at the moment,” said Chitima.

Griffin, playing a sport that relies more on hands and have players falling to the ground more often, could be the rallying point for a player whose talent is extraordinary.

“Griffin lost his left hand due to a rare prenatal condition, which didn’t stop him from being named the American Athletic Conference Defensive Player of the Year in 2016 and a two-time All-AAC selection. Playing (and dominating) with one hand, Griffin still had his doubters heading into the combine,” 247Sports was quoted as saying on Saturday.

The horrific incident, whose impact will soon be seen, has led many who are superstitious to give their different thoughts, with one of them being the name ‘Hardlife’.

Bishop Rodgers Jeffreyho knows Zvirekwi, said the player needed to fight his battles in spirit.

“I know the boy. And I’m very sorry about his condition right now. I pray for his quick recovery, something which is more important now. Hope is not lost.

“Yes, names that we give our children sometimes affect them. But we must understand that there is no divine intervention without human cooperation. Hardlife must fight his battle in the spirit and I know him as a person who loves the Lord.

“In the scriptures, we also have Jabez who was named so by his mother because she said I bore him in pain. There was also Jacob, but you have to fight to make sure names are just names on paper and we do not live such lives. God cannot impose such change to our lives, we need to take the step,” said Bishop Jefrey.

A source close to the player, who grew up close to where the player stayed in Mbare, said the player needed all support to remain strong mentally.

“It is very normal that when you often experience mishaps or there is a background in family of similar cases, you are bound to think a lot and negatively. He will need all the support he can get.

“I remember growing up in Mbare, his late dad owned a tuck-shop. He had an artificial leg but very hard working you would see him moving up and down trying to put food on the table for his family despite his condition,” said the source.

“At one point many tuck-shops were demolished because they were illegal structures and theirs was part of those who were destroyed but then he built another one on a different location. He was resilient and Hardlife has the same fighting spirit. He will overcome this.”


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