Holy Ten’s Girlfriend Addresses Room 302 N1 Hotel Saga!

Holy Ten’s Girlfriend Addresses Room 302 N1 Hotel Saga!

Holy Ten’s Girlfriend Addresses Room 302 N1 Hotel Saga!

Kimberley Richard has finally spoken up about what happened at N1 Hotel room 302.

Kimberley Richard was accused of cheating on her boyfriend Holy Ten after images of her on an intimate date with Wilbert Muzaruwetu at N1 Hotel went viral.

A key card for room 302 could not escape the scrutiny of social media users who speculated that lunch was not the only item on the menu.

Muzaruwetu is the one who shared the photos of Richard and her on an intimate date at the N1 Hotel. It’s unclear why he shared the photographs that sparked a social media craze.

While Holy Ten addressed the problem, Kimberley Richard was yet to make an official statement.

Speaking on Zimcelebs’ Zc Podcast in an episode which premiered on Tuesday, Kimberley Richard gave the 411 about what went down at the N1 Hotel specifically room 302.

She told Phatisani Sibanda that her silence should have spoken for her. Kimberley Richard said the fact that they are still together after the cheating allegations should say something. Kimberley said:

Eish. My silence should’ve said something for me. But apparently, it didn’t. I didn’t explain myself I just allowed everyone to say what they wanted to say but we are here today tiri two and it should say something to the rest of the country.

She also took time to respond to allegations that she is dating Holy Ten to get famous. Kimberley Richard said:

Everyone is entitled to their opinion at the end of the day . Saka zvinotaurwa nevanhu hatingambozviteedzere zvese. Isu tirikungoita yatirikuita.

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