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HKD Boss ‘Freeman’ pens song for Soul Jah Love!

‘Covid-19 situation is not permanent’

Popular chanter Sylvester “Freeman” Chizanga says it took him a week to realize that he had to pay tribute through a song titled Sauro to the late dancehall icon Soul Jah Love.

Freeman said he thought of composing the song after meditating, listening to some of Jah Love’s songs and realizing that no big artiste had done a tribute song for the late chanter.

“I did not compose the song to pay tribute in a rush since I realized that I had to do so after almost a week “It came to mind when I was playing Jah Love’s song with the lines … nyangwe vakatumira mamhepo.. . that is my favorite song by him. “That is when I realized that we are never going to see this guy again, and I was there when he was buried.

It was painful to see his casket,” said Freeman. “So I did not think of releasing the song immediately.

I thought about it a week later. “And since I didn’t hear a song to pay tribute to Jah Love from a big artiste, I just thought I should do it,” he added.

Freeman said he had a good relationship with Jah Love, though they didn’t release a project together.

He, however, pointed out that they had a project they did which was affected by a technical fault in the studio. “We share the same totems.

He was a Mhofu and I am Mhofu too. “We would meet on different occasions, and we would share jokes uplifting each other as the Mhofu clan. The relationship was okay, it was good,” said Freeman.

Freeman, however, said they did not release any projects together, though they had a collabo that was affected by a technical fault in the studio.

“We do not have a release project we did together, but we did a project that failed to get to the people because the producer experienced difficulties with his machine.

“Though our song was sabotaged by a technical fault, we promised each other that we would do it another day, unfortunately the day didn’t come,” he told H-Metro.

The Zimdancehall Doctor said Jah Love’s death left a huge gap in the music industry, especially the Zimdancehall genre.

“Losing our colleague was a big blow to us. He contributed and dominated a lot in the music industry. “Sauro would revive Zimdancehall when it was low, he would come up with refreshing songs.

“Now that he is no more, it is going to be tough.

“There is a big gap he has left for us,” he said. Freeman also revealed what he admired about Jah Love. “I admired the way he came up with his songs.

He did it effortlessly. He was good at doing free-style too, people would enjoy it. I also liked the message in some of his songs.

“He had some deep lyrics. “Rest in peace, Soul Jah Love said Freeman.