‘He’s taking care of other children’


‘He’s taking care of other children’

A HARARE woman has claimed that her husband was only concentrating on his children with a girlfriend while neglecting his other child.


This came out in the matter between Irene Zipunye and her husband Lloyd Sithole at the Harare Civil court where the former was claiming $130 maintenance for her seven-month-old child.

“He is a soldier but is failing to take care of his minor child.

“He always claims that he is broke even on month end, but he looks after his other two children from another woman,” she said.

Irene told the court that she was not employed and needed help financially to look after the family.

“I am not employed; I stay at home every day so I need an extra hand.

“I cannot work because my child is still young,” she said.

In response, Lloyd told the court that his salary could not sustain Irene’s needs.

“I have three children including Irene’s so I cannot afford to pay $130 maintenance,

“I earn $300 and it will not be fair for the other children.

“I pay school fees, rent and I take care of my old parents,” he said.

Lloyd told the court that he could only offer to pay $50 per month since he had other responsibilities.

“As my wife she has to understand my situation, but she is failing.

“I can only afford $50 per month if she wants me to pay maintenance,” he said.

Presiding magistrate Gladys Moyo ordered Llyod to pay $90 per month for the upkeep of his one minor child.


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