Here’s why Tlof Tlof is good during pregnancy for mum and baby


Here’s why Tlof Tlof is good during pregnancy for mum and baby.

Carrying a little human being inside you can be the most rewarding and fulfilling feeling. Pregnancy is one of the most beautiful things a woman can experience in her lifetime.  Another fulfillment that a pregnant woman can experience is having s.e.x during pregnancy.

Yes, a pregnant woman can also have s.e.x, despite carrying a human being inside her, and experts agree there’s a lot of benefits to it. According to many gynaecologists, pregnancy brings with it a lot of bodily changes, one of which is an increased libido.

From the first to the third trimester, there will be a lot of fluctuations in a pregnant woman’s lib!do. Many experts warn that s.e.x during pregnancy is not off-limits and will cause no damage to your health or the baby’s.

So, what are the benefits of having s.e.x during pregnancy?

1. Leads to Greater Satisfaction and Better [email protected]

The release of estrogen and progesterone – the two main hormones during pregnancy – helps women experience better [email protected] Increased estrogen leads to more blood flow in the pelvic area, thereby arousing a woman. Increased sensitivity in the area helps women achieve better [email protected] It is one of the most lasting benefits of intercourse during pregnancy.

2. Improves and Boosts Immunity

Immunity in a pregnant woman can dwindle often. Doctors prescribe a healthy diet and lifestyle to ensure pregnant women are not susceptible to any illnesses, and s.e.x plays an important role in strengthening immunity.

3. Improves Bonding Between a Couple

S.e.x during pregnancy releases endorphins that reduce stress levels, thereby providing a healthy environment to the baby and mother. Apart from this, s.e.x also increases the production of oxytocin, a hormone responsible for attachment and love. This stimulates better bonding and intimacy between partners. If you have s.e.x regularly with your partner, it could cement a strong bond during the pregnancy phase and help in the complication-free progression of pregnancy and labour.

4. Lowers Blood Pressure

Due to the hormones released [email protected], the entire body goes into a relaxed state, which decreases blood pressure. This, however, does not reduce the chances of preeclampsia, and it is important that you consult your doctor in case of preeclampsia.

5. Improves Self-Esteem

S.e.x during pregnancy can improve self-esteem by leaps and bounds. The many physical changes in your body can be a little too much to take in – you are most likely not going to look like your older self, which may make you feel less attractive. It is common to feel that your body is not your own. An increased s.e.x drive may give you more confidence and help develop a positive attitude towards yourself.

Source – DailySun

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