Home SOUTH AFRICA Her boyfriend came back with her 14 Million Lotto winning ticket

Her boyfriend came back with her 14 Million Lotto winning ticket

Her boyfriend came back with her 14 Million Lotto winning ticket

This is Moipone. Moipone used to be 14 Million rich. She won a Lotto Jackpot of R13,900,000.

Moipone gave her boyfriend (Nhlanhla) numbers and money to play lotto for her and to her surprise he came back with her 14 Million winning ticket.

Guess what? Moipone was on ‘I BLEW IT’ TV show. This show tells stories of people who spent all the money they had.

Here is how Moipone splashed her money:

*She invested R5 Million for her kids and R2 Million for herself and the boyfriend.

*She gave R100,000 to her sisters and R50,000 to the brother.

*She paid R200,000 to her driver for his services.

*She donated R20,000 to buy a shack and furniture for a friend.

*Gave 1 Million to her brother in law.

*Bought a R1,7 Million house, a furniture of R200,000 and a VW Tiguan for R500, 000.

When things started to get worse, she went back on her investments to take out R2,2 Million that she had invested earlier on for herself and the baby daddy.

She spent that money like this:

*She bought baby daddy an Audi A4 for R450,000 and it crashed within a month.

*She bought a VW GTI for R220,000 and got destroyed the same month.

*Bought another VW GTI for R265,000 and crashed three days after purchase.

*She bought him a BMW and a total of R1,5 Million was spent on boyfriend cars.

After that, she went and dated a policemen which she also spent money on.

Moipone bought the policeman a BMW for R135,000, Opel Corsa Bakkie for R65 000, a Motorcycle for R65 000 and gave him R100,000 advance loan on her banking credentials.

After the policemen, she went back to his baby daddy. She was dead broke by then and so she decided to withdraw the R5 Million she had invested for her kids and accord an investment company charge of R445,000.

Here is how she spent the last R5 Million:

*She bought a house for R660,000

*Ford Ranger Bakkie for R600,000

*She threw some serious parties with free food and alcohol for days.

*She got married and baby daddy left his job.

*Purchased Toyota Quantum for R220,000

*Bought a car for her nephew for R200,000

*Bought a VW polo for an estate agent

*Bought a Golf GTI for my husband R280,000

*Invested R500,000 in a scam tender

*Invested R150,000 in scam Bitcoin.

And in the end, she sold everything she owned and made a loss of a huge amount of money and now she is broke without a single cent.