Henry Olonga forgets lyrics on stage


Henry Olonga forgets lyrics on stage.

He had two false starts and even walked off stage at one point as he felt he could not do it. The judges, especially his coach Kelly Rowland encouraged him not to panic and he gathered himself and tried for the third time.

Henry OlongaFormer Zimbabwe fast bowler, Henry Olonga, forgot lyrics to the song he was singing during the knockout phase of The Voice Australia on Monday. Olonga who is on Team Kelly Rowland was singing Elton John’s Can You Feel The Love and according to Aussie media, froze twice on stage.

Steadily, the lyrics then rolled off his tongue and he blew away the judges and left the auditorium in awe. According to Aussie media, so great was his performance that he was saved from elimination during the knockout phase by his coach, Kelly Rowland.

Said a shocked and surprised Olonga: “I’m so grateful Kelly. Thank you so much for believing in me in spite of what happened tonight.” Backstage, Olonga explained that he was fazed by the fact that his father-in-law, who had died just days before his performance, was buried a day before his performance.

Afterwards, Olonga went onto his social media pages and shared a picture of him panicking on stage.

“You know that look you give your boss when you don’t know what to do next. Yup, that’s the look. I genuinely was stumped to coin a cricket phrase. “Sorry, ya’ll for the drama. I really appreciate all your love and support. All of you were so amazing. One love.”

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