Home LOCAL NEWS Heavy rains destroy Chipinge homes days before Cyclone Chalene

Heavy rains destroy Chipinge homes days before Cyclone Chalene

Heavy rains destroy Chipinge homes days before Cyclone Chalene

Chipinge villagers got a Christmas from hell after the heavens unleashed a heavy downpour from Thursday evening to Friday, December 25th non stop.

According to state media, Mwacheta villagers in Chief Musikavanhu area lost property to the heavy rains which many are hoping is not a precursor to a deadlier Cyclone Chalene currently moving from the Ocean towards Mozambique and expected to hit some parts of the country on December 30th.

Locals say the rains started on 24 December and continued up to Christmas Day 1600 hours. The situation was compounded by the flooded Nyamukungwa River whose origins are in the upper part of Chipinge in the Chikore area.

Because of that, the flooded river gushed into people’s homes wreaking havoc on the social and economic lives of the people.

‘’It began raining on Thursday at five minute intervals for the whole night; we woke up on Christmas Day to witness a relentless pounding of our houses. It only stopped at about 4pm.’’

‘’Nyamukungwa River at Mwacheta was flooded and it went straight to people’s homes which could not withstand the pressure. Previously, Greenfuel had provided a grader to divert the waters into the fields once a flood occurs.’’

Some of the families whose houses were affected are: Chimana, Zinhuku, Semwayo and Machini.

Member of Parliament for Chipinge West, Mr Sibonile Nyamudeza, said he had consulted the Civil Protection Unit to map the way forward in view of the human disaster unfolding.

‘’The rain may have subsided for now but I have already contacted the Civil Protection Unit to see how best we can help these families whose livelihoods have been destroyed and right now, the children and the aged are in trouble with the elements,’’ he said.

source | State Media


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