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Health time bomb at Chinhoyi Hospital

Health time bomb at Chinhoyi Hospital

A HEALTH time bomb is looming at Chinhoyi Provincial Hospital.

The hospital is the largest referral health institute in Mashonaland West province but its toilets are in a poor state.

All toilets have not been serviced for the past three months, a grave situation that exposes hospital visitors to diarrhoeal diseases such as typhoid and cholera.

Some people who spoke to H-Metro said that it was very disturbing that a place like a hospital was not being hygienic.

“Surely this is not expected of a big hospital like this.

“The toilets are not working and thereby exposing residents and visitors to a health time bomb which can explode at any given time,” said a resident of Cold Stream who refused to be identified for professional reasons.

A hospital employee who also requested anonymity said it was high time that the hospital authorities wake up from their deep slumber and put health mechanism in place to safeguard the health of the people.

“It’s now more than five months and nothing is being done about it, but the hospital is being negligent and playing around with people’s lives,” said the employee.

Priscilla Mufandaedza of Cold Stream castigated the hospital authorities for not being sensitive to the state of ablution facilities.

“Just get inside and you will see the shock of your life. Flies are the order of the day.

“The hospital authorities must attend to this situation as soon as possible before an outbreak of diarrhoea diseases hit Chinhoyi,” said Mufandaedza.

A senior hospital official said the public toilets issue had become a hot potato to handle for the hospital authorities.

“It’s now almost five to six months. Ndicho chokwadi.

“The hospital authorities are having sleepless nights as to how they can attend and manage the public toilets,” he said.

He added:

“The most important thing is for the hospital to prioritize the health of the visitors and residents who visit the health institution.

Contacted for comment, the hospital administrator, Reginald Kanyoka told H-Metro that the hospital was indeed facing some challenges when it came to the public toilets.

“Currently those public toilets need to be renovated.

“As a health institution, we value the health aspect of everyone who visits the hospital,” said Kanyoka.

The medical superintendent of the hospital Dr Collet Mawire could not give a comment as he said he was in a meeting.

“I am attending a meeting right now,” he said.

Acting Provincial Medical Director Dr Gift Masoja told H-Metro that he was in Harare but was going to visit the hospital to have an appreciation of the intensity of the situation at the public toilets.

“I am in Harare right now. Thanks for informing me. Will go to the hospital to see the situation on the ground,” said Dr Masoja.


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