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Health Experts Warn Of Possible Surge In Covid-19 Cases

“COVID-19 Patient Number 15 Is An Eye-Opener For Zimbabwe,” – Doctors

Health Experts Warn Of Possible Surge In Covid-19 Cases

Local health experts have warned that new coronavirus infections could rise exponentially as members of the public ignore the level 4 lockdown measures announced by the government over two weeks ago.

Community Working Group on Health executive director Itai Rusike said the government has done its part, especially in increasing the rate of vaccine imports, and it behoves every citizen to play their part. Said Rusike:

Of late we have observed with extreme concern and disbelief the level of complacency and generally poor adherence to the Level 4 lockdown restrictions.

It is disheartening to see that the tighter lockdown regulations announced by the Government are only on paper as communities are operating normally oblivious of the threat of the third wave.

Rusike observed that the non-adherence to COVID-19 regulations and WHO recommended guidelines had become more pronounced in public spaces such as markets, liquor selling points, funerals and bus terminuses.

He said given the rising number of COVID-19 cases, it was incumbent upon the government to enforce the restrictions without fear or favour.

The strict enforcement of restrictions should be coupled with sustained COVID-19 literacy and awareness campaigns on the benefits of embracing the national vaccination programme to defeat the pandemic, said Rusike.

Chairman of the Mashonaland Faculty of the College of Primary Health Care Physicians of Zimbabwe Dr Enock Mayida said it was worrisome that people have thrown caution to the wind.

People are not wearing masks properly as recommended and they are not regularly sanitising their hands or washing them with water and soap and observing physical distancing issues, Mayida said.

He called for medical outreach programmes in suburbs, towns, growth points and market areas to continuously sensitise the public on COVID-19 issues.

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