Home LOCAL NEWS Headmaster locks pupil’s out…students sleep in the cold!

Headmaster locks pupil’s out…students sleep in the cold!

Headmaster locks pupil's out...students sleep in the cold!

The boarding school headmaster reportedly locked pupils out of the gate until 10pm for reporting late.

Pictures of Nyamuzuwe High School pupils went viral on social media, amid reports that their headmaster Peter Rinomhota locked them outside.

However, Rinomhota denied the allegations, saying he left the school for his house at 11pm without receiving any reports of late corners.

“No one was locked outside the gate as alleged and I have seen messages circulating on social media accusing us of doing that,” he said.

“As a school, we document every activity and our occurrence book has no such report of children locked outside the gate. “Our school staff who receive children close the gate by 5pm and we have two gates so I am not sure which of the two gates you are referring to.

“It is unfortunate that one parent spread falsehoods over their own failures.

“The headmaster was informed of everything that takes place before the children go to sleep and I never received such a report until 11pm when I left the school for my house.

Photographs of children sitting outside the school gate have gone viral on social media. “We encourage parents to use hired buses to ferry their children since they arrive at school on time,” said Rinemhota.