Madam Boss’ husband, Ngoni has slammed Prophet Passion, saying he can’t do anything to get attention.

He was furious after the prophet said his wife had died. He denied this was a publicity stunt.

“There is nothing going on between us and him at the moment. If there was anything going on, we would simply tell our fans what we normally do rather than pulling these publicity stunts which are in bad taste.

“The joke was in bad taste like I said, but we have since approached our families and told them that it was a bad joke and they all know that Passion is someone who can do anything to get attention.”

In other news, a Chipinge man was recently shocked to find his wife’s two boyfriends in a vicious fight in his bedroom after they clashed on their visit to see the woman.

Robert Nyiseya, of Maundwa, under Chief Mutema, confirmed the incident and said he had already sent away his wife Alice Raisi, who was dating two different men working for companies contracted to maintain roads in the area.

Ward 9 councillor, Habit Magona, also confirmed the incident to the Chipinge Times and said it was disheartening that Raisi had left children who were less than 10 years old.

Sources said that Nyiseya spends most of his time away at work and only comes home during weekends. On the fateful day, he came home on a Saturday instead of the usual Friday night and heard rowdy noise coming from the direction of his bedroom.

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