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Harare Stadiums Crisis!

Harare Stadiums Crisis!
Current state of Gwanzura stadium ( Inset ) Rufaro Pitch

Harare City Council is pleading with the corporate world to be involved in renovations of stadiums to enable a smooth return of football in the country.

The Government this week approved a staggered return of football and focus has shifted to the state of stadiums.

Concerns have been raised on the capacity of stadiums around the country to host matches having been neglected for a long time now.

In Harare, the only stadium with the capacity to host top-flight matches at the moment is the National Sports Stadium, while the council-owned venues need serious attention.

On the other hand, Harare is home to a significant number of teams in the Premier League and Division One.

Council spokesperson Michael Chideme yesterday pleaded with the business community to come on board. “To be honest, we are pleading with the business community to come on board to speed up the renovations of our stadiums.

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“Of course, we are assessing the situation to map the way forward but the reality is we need support.

There are a number of businesses that have been involved in sport over the years and they can as well come in and assist on this issue,” said Chideme.

Chideme said there was a lot of work that needed to be done. “It is difficult at the moment to say we have a stadium with the capacity to host matches.

“There is some serious work that needs to be done,” he said.

Source | ZiMetro News

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