Home LOCAL NEWS Harare Gardens Filthy…Students using park as toilet!

Harare Gardens Filthy…Students using park as toilet!

Harare Gardens Filthy...Students using park as toilet!

A number of students have been relieving themselves in bushes in Harare Gardens due to the shortage of ablution facilities, H-Metro has established.

A visit to the park saw some male and female students going to and from different directions to relieve themselves behind locked toilets and some bushes.

The park has been turned into an outdoor library and some teachers are cashing in by conducting lessons while some have placed their contact numbers by the park entrance to search of students.

H-Metro caught one of the female students relieving herself in the park while her classmate was on the look out for passersby.

One of the students who spoke on condition of anonymity said only one toilet in the park was operational.

We have been meeting here for our studies with my classmates for some time, but the main problem is where to find toilets,” said the student.

Harare Gardens Filthy...Students using park as toilet!

“Most of us are relieving ourselves in the grass since council workers are still to cut and clear the park for proper recreational facilities.

“Tsvina yakanyanya mumahuswa umu uye dzimwe nzira dzakananga parikusangana vakomana nevasikana ratove bedroom revamwe. “We are at times distracted by lovers who take this place as their love nest zvekuti imwe nguva unotoona kuti vatove munyika yavo vega nekuzvifukidzanerudo,” said the student.

Some students pleaded with H-Metro to conceal their identities saying their parents are not aware of their studies in the park “We hope our photographs will not be published because our parents and guardians are not aware of these studies.

“Varikuti tiri kuchikoro asi tirikubatsirika zvakanyanya muno nemaprivate teacher atinawo” said one of the students.