Home LOCAL NEWS “Handisati ndambotundiswa nemurume wangu” – Married woman reaches out

“Handisati ndambotundiswa nemurume wangu” – Married woman reaches out


I guess what they say is true after all, in terms of living in houses like in a marriage way.

Many women especially married women always complain about not reaching their orgAsm point. Some even finish their active s.e.xual stage without experiencing this feeling.

It happens in many marriages it’s only a few women have the courage or the will to say it publicly since they are afraid of being judged. Usually, the community will call you (the woman that is)a prostitute. Few women like the one who is about to show you are brave enough to come out in the open and say it out.

The popular has been used for so many things addressing the social, political and sometimes economical issues that happen in the country. And it is this platform that this lady used to air out her problem. Check the picture below and some of the advice she got.


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