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‘Half Of Zimbabwe’s Population Could Contract Coronavirus’

KZN scientists discover most dangerous Covid-19 variant that may have killed John Magufuli

‘Half Of Zimbabwe’s Population Could Contract Coronavirus’

A local health expert has warned that Zimbabwe is headed for a catastrophic period if people fail to take the Level 4 national lockdown seriously.

Mpilo Central Hospital acting chief executive officer Professor Solwayo Ngwenya said half of the country’s population will contract the coronavirus if there is no strict enforcement of the lockdown measures to prevent the virus from spreading further. He said:

Adherence to the current Level 4 lockdown by the public is poor. We are heading to a more catastrophic period.

The variants driving this third wave are multi-mutants and dangerous.

They can infect up to 18 people at a time, unlike the previous variants which infected up to three people.

We are going to reach a situation where one of every two people in the country will be infected.

Unless measures of the lockdown are strictly observed, we are doomed.

Prof Ngwenya said even though business operators are compliant with the lockdown measures, members of the public ignore the regulations especially in shops and in public vehicles. He said:

I have witnessed people cramped in public vehicles and at informal markets, it is business as usual.

There is no social distancing in the shops. Some shops do not even have sanitisers and people are not putting on their masks properly.

Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe Association president Johannes Marisa said if the situation continues like that, we will record more than 4 000 cases per day in the next two weeks and deaths might actually treble.

The Deputy Minister of Health and Child Care John Mangwiro said he was yet to fully assess how the public was complying with the lockdown measures.

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