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Keith T Mambo
Keith T Mambo
Keith T. Mambo is currently a reporter for ZiMetro News . He focuses on identity politics for The Southern Eye. He was previously a fellow at the UCT University of Cape Town for Political Science.

GWERU SATANIST ORPHANS :WE KILLED 600 PEOPLE | Two GWERU orphans who recently made headlines after they allegedly foretold the death of their uncle who then died three days later have confessed to killing 600 people after they were allegedly initiated into satanism at a Bulawayo school.


The orphans, a girl aged 10 and her brother aged 13 said they were initiated into satanism when they were attending an unnamed school in Bulawayo where they lived with their parents three years ago before their death.

The two children confessed to killing 500 people in Bulawayo and 100 more in Gweru during a lengthy cleansing ceremony conducted by a popular faith healer in Mkoba 5.

Following the death of their uncle Benjamin Mandigo (47) last week, the panic-stricken family members took the two children for a cleansing ceremony at the residence of a popular faith healer in Gweru popularly known as Mai Chikomo.

During the cleansing ceremony, the minors allegedly revealed they were initiated into satanism a few years back while they attended school in Bulawayo.

The girl said after killing 500 people, she was promoted to the position of a queen in the satanism kingdom.

She said she had been promised a house in Gweru Athlone low density suburb if she killed eight more family members before the end of August.

Her brother said after the death of his uncle, he realised that they could wipe out their family members and gain nothing.

“I was initiated into satanism while attending school in Bulawayo. To date I have killed 100 people but I no longer want to continue living in the dark world. I’m confessing to this so that I am saved from the satanism world,” said the boy as he was being prayed for by Mai Chikomo.

He said he had no position in the satanism world because he had not killed many people as is expected of leaders. The girl on the other hand said she had killed 500 people in Bulawayo and Gweru over a period of four years.

She said she was married to a king in their kingdom as she was a queen. “I’m a queen in our world and was promised a house in Athlone. I can take you there since I have a house number. My task was to make sure eight of my family members die by the end of this month. We meet under the sea in spirit and we can do anything at any time. My family members will see my physical person but my spirit will be somewhere doing satanism work,” said the girl.
Family spokesperson Mr Justice Mandigo said the family was in a panic mode and every member was scared of losing his or her own life.

“We have a serious case with us here. The children were under the upkeep of Mandigo following the death of their parents. Recently, they started behaving strangely and the matter got worse on Sunday [two weeks ago] when they fell into trances and started threatening to kill their uncle.

“We tried to calm them down, but we couldn’t as they would threaten us with death while claiming to be satanists,” said a dejected Mr Mandigo, the younger brother to the deceased.
He said the family had to call some neighbours and pastors from various churches to come and try to help them.

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