Gweru Residents Die After Using Contaminated Water

Five people have died in Gweru’s Mkoba high density suburb in a suspected case of an outbreak of typhoid.


Health authorities suspect the typhoid outbreak has been caused by use of contaminated borehole water. The outbreak has been reported in Mkoba 15, 18 and 20, and the Gweru City Council has already declared a typhoid outbreak in the area following laboratory tests.

The city’s health authorities are urging residents to drink safe running water from the tapes but the people are not taking heed.

The ZBC News visited the affected areas where residents were attending funerals of two teenage boys suspected to have succumbed to typhoid.

The people however queried whether the disease is indeed typhoid considering that it has claimed only males between the ages of 18 and 23.

All the five people killed are male adults within that age range.

A distraught mother of one of the deceased narrated how his 21 year old son died, adding that her other son aged 18 is battling for his life at Gweru Hospital.

Due to the high number of families in need of medical attention, residents have implored health care authorities to set up a treatment camp in each suburb to cater for the affected people who are struggling to get to the nearest health care facility.

Gweru General Hospital has been overwhelmed by the number of patients and Mkoba clinic is also assisting while a treatment camp has been set up at Mkoba Polyclinic, treating victims free of charge.

Meanwhile, the local authority is continuing with investigations to establish the source of the bacteria causing the typhoid.



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