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Two Soldiers feared dead In Gweru Airforce plane crash

Soldiers, Police bitten by 'Gogo Ndunge's Nyuchi' in Kuwadzana

Soldiers from the Airforce of Zimbabwe yesterday detained Mirror assistant editor and bureau chief for Midlands, Elizabeth Mashiri for 4 hours after they found her at the scene where a military plane crashed killing two pilots who were onboard.

The deceased have been identified as a full wing pilot and a cadet who lost their lives during a training exercise.

Mashiri and Patrick Chitumba of The Chronicle located and got to the scene before soldiers from the Airforce arrived. Two military personnel are said to have been killed in the crash that happened at around 2pm on Tuesday.

Worried soldiers impounded the duo’s phones and deleted all pictures that the journalists had taken. They also deleted all contacts that they were communicating with in connection with the crash.

They were also made to run up and down the place.

Zimbabwe Union of Journalists secretary general Foster Dongozi expressed shock at the detention and interrogation of journalists who were merely doing their work within the dictates of the law.

Two Soldiers feared dead In Gweru Airforce plane crash
Crash site

Source | ZiMetro News


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