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Gutu Rural Council Builds 8 Clinics

Gutu Rural Council Builds 8 Clinics

Gutu Rural Council Builds 8 Clinics

The Gutu Rural District Council (RDC) has used its latest $30 million tranche of devolution funds it received from the government to construct eight clinics with the aim of improving the district’s health sector.

Local authority’s chief executive Alexander Mutembwe confirmed to NewZimbabwe.com last week that in the first quarter of this year, the RDC managed to construct the main blocks at each of the eight health centers.

According to the CEO, the construction of an additional two staff houses at each clinic is currently underway.

He said he was grateful for the government’s timely disbursement of $30m this year.

Mutembwe added that apart from the construction of the clinics’ main blocks and staff houses, the funds would also be used for fencing, drilling, and installation of solar-powered boreholes at five health centres.

The identified clinics are: Muchekayaora Makumbe, Mushayavanhu, Makwirividi, and Ndawi, which are expected to be completed before the end of the year.

The remaining three clinics will have the same facilities once the government disburses the next tranche of devolution funds to the local authority.

“All these projects are being covered by the disbursement of $30m. A tender has since been flown for solar installation as some boreholes have already been drilled. Upon receipt of further disbursements, the council intends to buy its own drilling and a dozer earth moving equipment,” said Mutembwe.

Gutu district is one of the most populous districts in Masvingo province with limited health facilities, forcing villagers, including pregnant women, the young, and the elderly to walk long distances to the nearest health facility.

Devolution was adopted as a key component of the 2013 Constitution to ensure the preservation of national unity, prevention of all forms of disunity, and secessionism.

It also calls for the democratic participation in government work by all communities, and that “there must be devolution of power and responsibilities to lower tiers of Government in Zimbabwe”.

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