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Gutu Man Kills Baby For Not Sucking Mother’s Milk

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Gutu Man Kills Baby For Not Sucking Mother’s Milk

A man from Mutero Village under Chief Chitsa in Gutu has been arrested for killing his two-week-old son, accusing the mother of infidelity.

Emmanuel Rambakudzuwa (37) threw the baby to the ground resulting in the infant’s death. The incident happened on Wednesday last week.

Rambakudzuwa went to a prophet in the same village to find out why his baby was not sucking milk from the mother’s breasts.

The prophet allegedly told him that the mother, Natasha Mutero had an extra-marital affair hence the baby was refusing to suck.

In anger, Rambakudzuwa confronted Mutero with the intention of trying to force her to confess infidelity and disclose the name of the boyfriend but she vehemently refuted the allegations.

There was a scuffle and Rambakudzuwa chased away everyone who wanted to restrain him.

In the melee, he held his child and dropped him to the ground resulting in the baby’s death.

Masvingo Police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwashe Dhewa confirmed the case to Masvingo Mirror.

The child was born on 5 May 2021 and did not suck milk leading his parents to consult a traditional healer on 13 May 2021.

It is considered taboo in African culture for an infant not to suck milk and the mother or the father can be accused of infidelity.

Post-mortem results showed that the infant died as a result of abdominal trauma or hemorrhagic shock.

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