Gutu Man Drags 2nd Wife To Court Over Erec_tile Dysfunction


Gutu Man Drags 2nd Wife To Court Over Erec_tile Dysfunction

A polygamous man Godwishes Magarira (40) of Makanda Village who has ere_ctile dysfunction problem whenever he is with his first wife has dragged the second wife Memory Shiri (24) to court before Gutu resident Magistrate Victor Mohadi accusing her of bewitching him.

Gutu Man Drags 2nd Wife To Court Over Erec_tile Dysfunction

Witchcraft is allegedly not allowed under the Zimbabwean law. Details are that in 2016 at Makanda village, Shiri and Magarira lived together in a polygamous relationship where Magarira had a first wife Easther Chagonda.

Magarira reportedly approached Shiri and questioned her the reason why he fails to have an ere_ction whenever he wants to have sex_ually engage with the first wife and Shiri answered ‘ndakakusunga’ ( I bewitched you).

Magarira accused Shiri of boasting that she can control her husband’s se_x life. Magarira also got a medical examination report to prove that he was having se_xual problems.

She was sentenced to 13 months in imprisonment wholly suspended on condition that she perfoms 455hours community service.


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