Guns Out For ZANU PF Youth League Chair

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Guns Out For ZANU PF Youth League Chair

By Tonderai Chidawa Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform ZYAP

We as the Zimbabwe Action Youth Platform are not convinced with the way the Youth League has been masquerading and handling its affairs under the leadership of Paradza.

The silence of the Youth League is very astonishing and shocking especially considering how our sole principal has been attacked left right and center by people like Tsenengamu and the likes.

As the President is our principal, it is the mandate of the Youth League to protect and stand by our principal. The failure to announce and assure the support to the President publicly leaves us as the Zimbabwe Action Youth Platform to even worry about who has our backs.

History has it on record that Chipanga has in the past stood by astute leader, Cde Chirau has in the past made his loyalty and support our principal undoubtful, but the current executive, who has been in office for 3 months has rather chosen the silent route that leaves one to wonder what their action plan really is.

When one of theProvincial Chairmans was attacked, Paradza was there to show his support to him but now when our principal is under attack he is nowhere to be found to show his commitment and support to our leader.

We are not in contention with the Youth League or Paradza but rather we want an executive that is actively participating on the ground in showing its commitment to serve and protect our Principal, I thank You.

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