It really is quite amazing that she is still hanging around. But beyond just hanging around. Gucci Grace, the rotten of all rotten apples of the previous regime, is still clambering on to power.

We all know she should be in prison. Corruption scandals piled up under her watch. She became the richest woman in the country while we all starved. She even got a laughable PHD. I didn’t know they did university courses in graft! She went on shopping sprees in luxury department stores in Paris, while the rest of the country could barely put bread on the table.

Finally, in November, ED and the gang gave her the boot. Yet now it appears that Nelson Chamisa and the MDC, forgetting the path of their deceased leader, is providing an opening to let her walk right back in.

This is no conspiracy theory. This is happening. Every day I pick up the newspapers and read about more negotiations between the NPF and the MDC. This is not just in the government mouthpiece Herald. But it is also being reported in the Daily News, Newsday and even in the Independent this morning. Business, it turns out, is also afraid of the return of Zim’s own Marie Antoinette.

In fact, not only is it not a conspiracy theory, it’s not even a secret. The NPF spokesperson is open about it. She has said very clearly that she wants the VP position in Chamisa’s government for the NPF should he win. And while Chamisa has said he is not convinced that Grace should be given the VP position, he has said that “she is welcome to join the alliance”. Is he mad? Has he completely lost his marbles? Has he forgotten what we have been through as a nation and just how much of it is down to this wicked witch!?

I saw a petition going around on Facebook to keep Grace out the MDC. The problem is that I believe it is far too late. The NPF is a Mugabe run, backed and funded political party and they are in the alliance already. The deal with the devil appears to be sealed.

The only thing we can do now, is make sure our actions and votes count. It is beyond clear right now that any vote for Nelson, will in turn be a vote for Grace. This is why on election day, I’m voting to keep her out of office. This disgraceful deal has actually forced me to vote ED. On July 30th, I urge you to do the same.





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