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Groom breaks spine at his wedding


Groom breaks spine at his wedding

A groom broke his back at his wedding after friends dropped him during the traditional “bumps”.

The awful moment was caught on camera, in a video showing the bride dancing happily just seconds before her new husband Liviu Filimon’s accident.

She turns to face the group of friends as they throw Filimon (31) in the air before catching him.

But, after attempting a second toss, the friends fail to catch Filimon, who appears to tip over and crash head first onto the floor.

The horrified bride and revellers run over to his side as the clip ends.

However, local reports suggest the friends made matters worse by picking Filimon up and placing him on a chair before paramedics arrived.

The incident happened at a wedding reception in Romania at the Castello event hall in the Baile Felix resort.

Young mom set alight in her car

The woman who was attacked and burnt outside her daughter’s play school in Benoni, Gauteng, has died from her injuries.

Police spokesperson Col Noxolo Kweza said the woman (27) died recently.

She was admitted to hospital on September 13.

Her cousin and her attacker, who has been arrested and formally charged, were also admitted.

Kweza said the woman’s cousin, who was in the passenger seat of the torched vehicle, was released from hospital a few days later.

She was not immediately able to confirm the condition of the 40-year-old attacker, amid rumours that he had also died of his injuries.

According to an ER24 statement at the time of the incident, medics on the scene said all three patients were treated and provided with advanced life support interventions before they were transported to nearby hospitals.

At the time, the owner of the Benoni preschool, who said she would not comment further on the matter, said the woman had burns on her back, chest, face, hands and feet.

The victim’s father had said she was in a “very bad” condition, she said.

Kweza said the initial attempted murder case had been upgraded to that of murder.

A malicious damage to property case was also opened.

She said the perpetrator appeared in court in absentia.

The event occurred at 6.20am when the mother dropped her daughter at the school.

Her car was parked in front of the entrance to the school and her cousin was in the passenger seat.

When the woman exited the school, her partner pulled up in his taxi. He ran towards the car as she closed the door and smashed her window with a hammer.

He then ran back to his taxi to fetch a can of petrol.

The woman had opened her door, but did not notice her partner running back with the petrol can.

As he pushed the can into the driver’s door she pushed back and the petrol splashed on both of them. He then set fire to the inside of the car and the whole vehicle ignited.

The injured woman ran across the road to an empty field. A nearby runner saw her and instructed her to “drop and roll”.

As the two women worked to put out the flames, the suspect got back into his taxi.

He jumped the pavement and tried to run over the women, but they fled.

He tried again.

A neighbour was able to stop the man and the women hid in the preschool.

The man then jumped into the burning vehicle, but re-emerged again only to drink from a battery in his vehicle before police and emergency services intervened.

It is alleged that police were called to the couple’s house the night before to quell a dispute.

At the time, the preschool owner said the little girl — who had witnessed the entire ordeal — was receiving counselling. She said the other children and teachers would also receive counselling.

Married woman elopes with young taxi driver

A married woman who allegedly eloped with a younger man and claimed to have been kidnapped has been arrested by detectives.

Jane Ndung’u disappeared on September 17, leaving her husband Brian Mutuku worried about her whereabouts.

According to detectives, a distraught Mutuku received a call from his wife who sounded panic-stricken, claiming to have been kidnapped by unknown people who were demanding US$1 800 as ransom.

“She claimed to have been kidnapped as she was walking along Loita Street in Nairobi’s Central Business District,” a report by DCI read.

The worried husband immediately filed a missing person’s report at DCI Embakasi.

However, as the detectives were pursuing the suspects, Wairimu’s kin and the husband raised US$1 800 and sent it to the alleged kidnappers.

However, the family had no idea Wairimu had eloped with a cab driver to his one-bedroomed house, where they were enjoying a good time unperturbed after withdrawing the said amount.

As days went by, the family became impatient and formed a WhatsApp group to make contributions towards her release.

A further US$362 was sent the following week, which enabled the two to travel to withdraw the said money.

According to the detectives from Special Service Unit and Crime Research and Intelligence Bureau, the alleged kidnapper had promised to take his girlfriend lover out over the weekend with the said money.

“The alleged kidnapper Richard Mogire had promised his 21-year-old girlfriend, a student at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology, that he would take her out over the weekend,” DCI said.

The girlfriend kept calling and sent messages asking him why he had stood her up.

Mogire tried to explain that he would make it up to her this coming weekend, but she would hear none of it and demanded that he picks her up, lest she leaves him.

Afraid of losing his main girlfriend, Mogire changed the vehicle he was earlier using to avoid detection.

Mogire went on to pick his love-struck main girlfriend from the Juja based university and took her to the one-bedroomed house where he had stayed with Wairimu since her faked disappearance.

As detectives later established after arresting them, the three had stayed together in the one-bedroomed house for days until they were apprehended in Sagana.

It still remains unclear how Mogire convinced his campus girl to hang on and play alongside the kidnapping idea, yet she was not part of the initial plan.

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