Grieving family holds funeral driver hostage


Grieving family holds funeral driver hostage.

Zamani Khuzwayo from B Five near KwaMashu, north of Durban in South Africa said his dad Bonokwakhe had made regular monthly payments to a funeral scheme since 2008. There was drama at a funeral when a family blocked the van delivering their dad’s body and demanded the undertaker replace the coffin.

CoffinBonokwakhe died last Tuesday. “The package covered provision of a coffin, food, grave, bus, tent and flowers. They only took his body from the house and brought it back for burial,” Zamani said.

He said the body was in the wrong coffin. They held the driver hostage until the Undertaker brought the right coffin. “Even though my dad was up to date with his payments, the undertaker couldn’t provide us with all the things he’d been paying for.

“First she told me she couldn’t find the grave. I had to find it and pay for it myself. Then she told me to buy food.” Undertaker Tho Chabane said she’d asked the family to postpone the funeral. She couldn’t provide all their requirements.

“Their father died on Tuesday. On election day nobody worked. I met them on Thursday and they said they’d bury him on Sunday.” She said the coffin was part of the package their father had chosen. “Their father chose the plan that comes with a standard coffin. I replaced the coffin because I didn’t want drama,” she said.


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