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Grave-digging creature torments family

Grave-digging creature torments family

Grave-digging creature torments family: Brings human bones and family members die mysteriously.

And whenever the creature digs a hole in their yard, it brings up some bones and a family member dies mysteriously. So far two family members have died and the family from Diepkloof zone 4 in Soweto is wondering who’s next.

They are being tormented by a grave-digging creature! They’re so scared they even asked for their names not to be used. Their nightmare started last year when the creature dug the first “grave”.

On 23 October last year, it dug a hole near the main bedroom, where their uncle (55) slept – and a few days later he died. A family member said the uncle complained of stomach pain before he died.

The family thought that was the end. But on 29 October this year, the creature dug another hole next to where their aunt (50) slept and she also died a few days later. She complained of a headache before she died.

Just when the family thought their nightmare was over, the creature has dug another hole more than a month later. And now the family is worried who’s next to die. A family member said the creature dug out bones from the foundation of the house.

“We don’t know what kind of bones they are, but we’re very worried,” said the family member. The family invited Daily Sun to the house to see the bones, which the creature had been digging since Friday, 11 December.

It was not clear what kind of bones they were, but the family believe they’re cursed. They said the creature can even dig through cement. “This started after a fight over the family house. We consulted a sangoma, who told us some relative wanted the family house and was getting rid of all those who lived in it.

“They all died after a mysterious short illness. We appeal for help. We can’t be tortured by a creature we don’t know,” said another family member. It seems the family’s nightmare continues as they woke up to more bones on Monday, 14 December, which looked freshly dug up.

“We’re stressed because we don’t know who’s next,” said worried family members. Sangoma Magotweni Khoza said this wasn’t isichitho because, if it was, those who lived in the house would have left. She said the family needed urgent help from a strong sangoma to ward off this evil.

Source – MyZimbabweNews

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