GRACE SPLASHES ON NEW RIDE | Just weeks after her son Russell Gorezaza imported an expensive fleet of cars into the country worth USD2,5 million The Zimbabwe Independent reports that the first lady has also followed suit with her own. It appears the family have a shared taste in fast and fancy cars the ordinary citizen would have to pay an arm an a leg for.


The first lady is said to have also acquired a new toy for herself in the form of another Rolls Royce 2017 Ghost Model worth R5,8 million. She is believed to have purchased the vehicle in the plush suburban car sale in Sandton based in South Africa. The Independent claims she sent another party to do it on her behalf by a cash transaction.

It was also reported that the vehicle will be registered in South Africa to avoid the outrage which followed her son’s recent purchases of the same nature and duty clearance costs.

The Rolls Royce Ghost series, according to a Car and Driver website, boasts of 250km/h speed and is one of the most luxurious cars available on the intentional market.

This is not the first time the media has zoned in on the first lady’s spending habits which are said to be questionable in the face of the country’s crumbling economy.