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Grace Mugabe On ZACC’s Radar Over 50 000 Square Meters Of Land


Former First lady Grace Mugabe reportedly grabbed 50 000 square meters of land in Borrowdale and gifted it to her relatives and children before fraudulently acquiring title deeds from the land without following due process.

According to the publication, Grace and other unnamed government officials grabbed prime land in Borrodale from a land developer and then acquired title deeds without following due procedure.

Grace after grabbing the land reportedly parceled it out to the following people:

  1. Bona Chikoore stand number 306 measuring 18034m2 and stand number 307 measuring (25133m2),
  2. Robert Jnr Mugabe stand number 308 measuring (13733m2) and stand number 309  measuring (16774m2).
  3.  Documents also revealed that Grace assisted Junior Shuvai Gumbochuma, her sister, to acquire stand number 228 (12086m2) which she has also not paid for and is registered under title deed number 6228/11.


Court papers seen by the publication suggest that the title deeds were reportedly prepared by conveyancers or lawyers who have appeared before the Registrar of Deeds reads in part:

The matter has been reported and Zacc is carrying out its own investigations. The people who bought the stands were supposed to pay the developer and then be allowed to apply for title deeds.

The procedure is that the land developer provides a certificate to residential stands owners as acknowledgement that they can now acquire title deeds. Local government then endorses the application of title deeds but in this case the bigwigs bypassed all these processes.

ZACC is said to be probing the issue and it is still not clear what will happen to the properties if ZACC concludes that their situation needs redress.

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