Former President, Robert Mugabe has revealed that his wife, Grace is crying daily as the illegal Mnangagwa administration is persecuting her.


Mugabe said this as he met African Union Commission (AU) chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat at his “Blue Roof” mansion in Harare’s Borrowdale suburb.“For instance, they told you, I was safe, but how can I be in this environment? My wife is crying daily. They are persecuting her; that is obviously directed at me.

What am I without my wife and family? We are not safe,” Mugabe said. “We have constitutional benefits, for example, but these are being denied.”

Mugabe is quoted by the Zimbabwe Independent saying that he did not resign willingly. “I was pressured by the army to resign; I did so in order to avoid conflict and bloodshed in my country. I was worried because it had been brought to my attention that people had been intimidated, illegally seized, attacked, homes had been raided at gunpoint and destroyed, and weapons confiscated from other state security agencies,” Mugabe said.

“The army had been unconstitutionally deployed without permission of the commander-in-chief and soldiers continue to be used in this operation. So from a constitutional point of view, he (Mnangagwa) is there unconstitutionally.

“Mnangagwa is in power illegally, yet some of his officials dare call me a dictator. What dictator?

“Maybe a dictator for dictating that we must take over our land and give it to the people; maybe a dictator for demanding that our people must be empowered. If that’s why they call me a dictator, I have no problem with that.

“The one sitting next to you (Mpofu) used to be my minister, but now I hear he had the temerity to call me a dictator.” Turning to Mpofu, Mugabe then said: “Am I a dictator, sir?”

Notes say Mpofu fiddled uncomfortably and the delegation burst into laughter to ease the tension.

“No, I didn’t say that,” Mpofu replied. “It was the media which lied that I called you a dictator.”Mugabe then continued: “Anyway that’s the situation on the ground in Zimbabwe.” He the added a new dimension: “Now you want to know whether elections will be free and fair. Of course, I don’t think so. How can they be free and fair when the military is running everything?”

Mugabe said the situation was worrying, adding his security was not guaranteed.



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