Govt Under Spotlight As Activist Demands Audit Of Cyclone Idai Aid

Govt Under Spotlight As Activist Demands Audit Of Cyclone Idai Aid

Government is coming under increasing scrutiny over the manner it handled cyclone idai aid with political activists demanding an audit of how the monies and donations were used.

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Chiposi who is a losing parliamentary candidate for Southerton in Harare said Activist Fungai Chiposi called on the government through the Auditor General to audit public as well as private led donation campaigns to check if all contributions went to the intended objective.

Chiposi also suggested that guidelines be put in place for future situations where Zimbabweans will donate to disaster causes.

“Our budding democracy needs this opportunity to grow stronger. Our listening President, who is the President of all citizens of Zimbabwe, must order the Auditor General’s office to audit all donations and systems that came into play during this disaster. Every donated cent and banana must be accounted for.

“The report must be immediately made public so that the nation learns for the future. Systems to handle future disasters must be put in place and guidelines made public. Creation of a disaster fund is of utmost importance. Earmarking independent response organisations will quickly mobilise resources in future.

“An audit of Cyclone Idai disaster will also assure citizens that their money and goods were put to good and intended use and thus motivate them to help more in future. Distribution of relief and disaster assistance donations along political lines should be a thing of the past. The international community should rest assured that all their help will be used as intended and accounted for.

“The Auditor-general must not focus only on government ministries but everyone who played a part in receiving donations for and behalf of Cyclone Idai survivors,” said Chiposi.

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