Govt on currency reforms: We’re not going to reverse anything


Govt on currency reforms: We’re not going to reverse anything.

This comes at a time when civil society groups including a labour union, Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Union and, and opposition parties are threatening to take it to the streets to force president Mnangagwa’s government to withdraw the SI. ZCTU, however, has since engaged the government over the issue.

VENDORS, TOUTS, FOREX DEALERS TO HOLD MEETING & CHALLENGE GOVTJustice minister, Ziyambi Ziyambi, has said that the government will never withdraw Statutory Instrument (SI) 142 of 2019 which bans the use of foreign currencies as legal tender. The SI also makes the Zimbabwe dollar the country’s sole legal tender.

Speaking to the Daily News, Ziyambi said: On the issue of SI 142, we are not going to reverse anything, it’s now a done deal, we are moving forward. Even after those six months, there is nothing going to change on the SI 142.

Statutory Instrument 142 of 2019 was made under the Presidential Powers (Temporary Measures) Act, which gives the president powers to make regulations. His or her regulations, however, only last for six months, by which time they can be tabled before the House.

Meanwhile, a Harare man, Godfrey Mupanga has submitted his draft order at the High court seeking the nullification of the SI saying that it violates the parent or primary legislation where the RBZ should get powers to create secondary legislation or by-laws.



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