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Govt Makes Final Offer To Civil Servants!

Govt, Workers Agree On Increased Pay Package

The NJNC meeting of today, 13 November 2020, has just been concluded. The new Government offer is as indicated below and now published for informed decision making and advice to National Executive.

New Total Packages:

B1 – 14 524.00
C1 – 14 947.00
D1 – 19 975.00
E1 – 21 205.00

New Basic Pay:

B1 – 5 952.00
C1 – 6 265.00
D1 – 8 524.00
E1 – 10 340.00

Transport Allowance:

B1 – 558.00
C1 – 571.00
D1 – 1 164.00
E1 – 1 247.00

Housing Allowance:

B1 – 638.00
C1 – 672.00
D1 – 1 247.00
E1 – 1 247.00

Civil Service Allowance:

B1 – 1251.00
C1 – 1314.00
D1 – 2063.00
E1 – 2246.00

Covid-19 Allowance = 6 125.00 across
10% Special Allowance: D1 – 852.40

Bonus will be paid as announced earlier but will now include Basic Salary, Transport Allowance and Housing Allowance.
Covid-19 Allowance remains fixed at USD 75.00 equivalent at the reigning auction rate.

Educators in the D1-D5 grade only will now receive a Special Covid-19 Risk Allowance of ten (10%) percent.

Government has exhausted its mandate and will not be reviewing the figures beyond current levels.

From this meeting, which seems to be shutting all doors of further search for improvement, Government gave a cautionary notice stating that all teachers must now earn what they have worked for, forthwith. NO WORK NO PAY PRINCIPLE WILL NOW APPLY.

Meanwhile, our negotiating team requested time-out to consult you our members on this development, and NJNC will reconvene on Monday 16 November 2020 at 1000 Hrs.

Please submit your views that will now inform the way forward. Let’s have further interrogations of our earlier positions in light of the circumstances.

ZIMTA will take the best foot forward after your informed interventions.

A detailed salary scale, as interpreted by ZIMTA, will be sent out tomorrow 14 November 2020.