The Government has introduced lifestyle audits for all public office holders, among them Cabinet Ministers, to determine if their lifestyles are consistent with their levels of income.

A lifestyle audit involves the verification of a person’s personal expenditure patterns to determine if his or her income is consistent with the individual’s sources of income that include a salary.

Presenting the 2018 National Budget Statement on Thursday, Finance and Economic Development Minister Patrick Chinamasa, said lifestyle audits for top ranking Government officials are one of the strategies to curb corruption among public officials.

“The 2018 National Budget proposes to regularise lifestyle audits of all public office holders for the purpose of ensuring that the respective office holder’s lifestyle is commensurate with their level of income,” he said.

“Where it is palpably manifest that their asset base is inconsistent with their level of income, it must be incumbent upon that officer to give an account of their sources of income justifying their wealth. Failure to provide adequate explanation by the office holder will result in an investigation into their financial affairs, should this be necessary.”

President Emmerson Mnangagwa, in his inaugural speech last month, said he would adopt a tough stance against corruption and incompetent government officials who stalled progress and “extort dirty money” from the public and investors.

The President pledged sweeping reforms to rescue the country from the jaws of its past misery and ensure economic recovery.

“As we focus on recovering our economy, we must shed misbehaviours and acts of indiscipline which have characterised the past. Acts of corruption must stop forthwith, where these occur, swift justice must be served to show each and all that crime and other acts of economic sabotage can only guarantee ruin to perpetrators,” said President Mnangagwa.



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