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Govt improves student accommodation

Government Increases Number Of Teachers It Is Training While Thousands Of Qualified Teachers Are Yet To Secure Employment

Govt improves student accommodation

Construction of students’ accommodation has gathered momentum at higher and tertiary institutions around the country as the Government has secured $150 million for the development of residences at the colleges.

A portion of the fund is being used to renovate old structures at the institutions.

In an interview with The Sunday Mail, Higher and Tertiary Education, Innovation, Science and Technology Minister, Professor Amon Murwira, said the building of new structures for student accommodation is progressing well.

“At the Great Zimbabwe University, we have so far achieved a lot as we recently bought the Gathsmine and Mashava Mine campuses. Lupane State University has constructed 1,200 hostels, Bindura has 700 female apartments, Marondera Kushinga Phikelela Polytechnic has 300, while Midlands State University has 800.”

Prof Murwira said the Government has been working with the private sector to construct the hostels.

“We have taken a totally new approach to the issue of student accommodation and we are impressed with the results. We are mindful of the fact that most of our students had suffered, living in unfavourable conditions due to shortages of on-campus accommodation, but we are addressing the challenges.”

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