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Govt Announces $20 Million Cushion For Football And Other Sports

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The government of Zimbabwe has set aside $20 million to cushion local football and other sports codes from the adverse effects of the coronavirus pandemic induced lockdown.

The development was confirmed by the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry Youth, Sport, Arts and Recreation Thokozile Chitepo during an exclusive interview with the Chronicle online on Friday. Chitepo said:

His Excellency the President when he launched the stimulus and recovery package for the other sectors, among that list of sectors, mining and agriculture, there were funds allocated for athletes and artists. $20 million was put aside, I think within the next week or two we will be announcing the terms, slightly different from those of the youths.

The package is announced when athletes, like the majority of the citizenry, are lamenting over the effects of lockdown which saw sporting activities being suspended as a measure of curbing the spread of the virus.

Some clubs, including Caps United, have recorded conflict between the management and players over salaries as clubs sought to cut salaries to reduce expenditure at a time revenue inflows are limited.

Some clubs and their fans have intervened by providing safety nets to players in the form of food hampers. The return of local football is still not yet known while cricket was given green light to resume training sessions.

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