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Government Threatens Striking Teachers – “We will replace you”

Fuming Teachers Declare War On Gvt

The Government of Zimbabwe is preparing to replace teachers who are striking over salaries. The move is expected to force teachers who are engaged in a strike over salaries back to work.

A report by The Herald states that Government has put on hold close to 10 000 qualified, but unemployed, teachers on standby to replace those who are engaged in a strike over salaries.

The development was confirmed by Primary and Secondary Education Minister, Ambassador Cain Mathema in an interview with the publication.

Mathema said the Government refuses to be held at ransom by teachers who are not reporting for duty. Mathema said:

Negotiations between Government and its workers are ongoing and we hope that they will soon find common ground to improve the lives of civil servants. Some teachers might want to hold the Government to ransom by not reporting for duty waiting for the completion of these negotiations.

What we are saying is that learners have not been going to school since March and the Government will not allow a situation where they continue to be disadvantaged.

We have at least 10 000 teachers who are unemployed and if the crunch comes, we will be left with no option but to quickly employ some of those teachers.

Schooling has to go on and we will employ if there is need to.

A number of schools in the country reopened on a low note on Monday, as pupils were turned away and sent back home because there were no teachers to conduct lessons.

The development comes after various school teachers heeded the call to temporarily boycott the directive to go back to work by their various unions, as very few teachers showed up for work despite students showing up in large numbers.

Many teachers failed to report for duty due to incapacitation and lack of personal protective equipment (PPEs). They are demanding wages in United States dollars and conditions that do not expose them to Covid-19.


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