Government Suspends Youth Games Due To Typhoid Outbreak


Government Suspends Youth Games Due To Typhoid Outbreak

The Ministry of Health and Child Care has advised the Sports and Recreation Commission to suspend the National Youth and Paralympic Games indefinitely due to the typhoid outbreak in Gweru.


Health and Child Care permanent secretary, Gerald Gwinji, recommended the cancellation of the games.

“At the moment, the outbreak is not yet under control as cases are on the rise.

On that note, the Ministry suggests two options regarding the proposed youth games to be conducted in Gweru City.

The first option is to suspend the Youth Games until the city is declared free from the disease outbreak and the second option is to change the province the youth are going to converge for the games.

The decision is made in order to reduce the risk of exposure to the officials and sports teams and avoid spreading the outbreak to other areas,” the Ministry said in a statement.


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