Government Serves Defiant Nurses With Dismissal Letters

Government has served nurses who ignored their instruction to return to work on Tuesday with dismissal letters, Health and Child Care permanent secretary Dr Gerald Gwinji has said.

Government Serves Defiant Nurses With Dismissal Letters

In an interview with our Harare Bureau yesterday, Dr Gwinji said a number of the affected nurses were applying to rejoin the public health sector. “We are also quite aware that as of today, many of those who participated in the industrial action turned up at their old workplaces inquiring as to how they can be taken back into the system.

“We are saying there are processes and procedures to that. They were served with their letters of dismissal but they can reapply,” said Dr Gwinji.

He said those applying for recruitment would be assessed for their commitment to serve.

“In that re-application, naturally there is going to be re-vetting of suitable and unsuitable cadres not only in terms of professional qualifications, but in terms of suitability to serve in the public sector considering what has been happening,” he said.

Dr Gwinji said institutions had also been directed to start the recruitment process on a first-come, first-served basis.

Dr Gwinji said there were hiccups in the recruitment process on Thursday as officials were unsure of how to handle the applications.

“Quite a number (of nurses) have turned up at various institutions and we clarified the issue this morning (Friday) for them to go ahead and recruit,” said Dr Gwinji.

He said Government would continue recruiting until it filled all vacant posts.



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