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Government Says NO to Soul Jah Love Memorial Service

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Government Says NO to Soul Jah Love Memorial Service

The government has advised the family of the late Zimdancehall sensation Soul Jah Love against holding a memorial service for the musician.

The musician, real name Soul Musaka, died in February and was declared a liberation war hero by President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s government.

His funeral and burial at the Warren Hills Cemetery in the capital was a huge spectacle. Tens of thousands of people defied the Covid-19 lockdown regulations in order to see off “Chibaba.”

The family of the late musician recently wrote to the government requesting to hold a memorial service and seeking guidance on complying with Covid-19 regulations.

The government, however, advised against holding the memorial service, warning that there is a risk that the service will turn into a super spreader event. The government also warned that there is a risk that people may contract and spread the Indian variant of Covid-19 at the event.

Writing to the Musaka family, Jasper Chimedza the Secretary for Health and Child Care wrote,

The Ministry of Health and Child Care is in receipt of your letter dated 14 May 2021 seeking guidance to comply with Covid-19 regulations on the memorial service for the late Cde. Soul Muzavazi Musaka. The ministry advises against holding of such big events at this juncture due to the following:

1. Taking note of the existing Covid-19 control guidelines that stipulate the number of such gatherings not to exceed 30.

2. The presence of the new variant from India which is circulating in the country which can cause a huge spread.

3. The possibility of many people gathering in big numbers, making it difficult to institute Covid-19 control measures.

Your cooperation in this regard will be greatly appreciated.

Soul Jah Love Memorial Service: Government Says NO

The news of the government’s response to Soul Jah Love’s memorial service was shared by Zimdancehall artiste Seh Calaz. Calaz bemoaned the government’s response to the matter and called on the authorities to allow Chibaba’s close friends and family to hold the service. He suggested that Soul Jah Love’s legion of fans can follow the proceedings on various streaming platforms or live television.

Said Seh Calaz,

“Soul Jah Luv memorial rejected by Min of health In respect of covid 19 regulations.

“Bho here iyi? Kovakuru. Hazviite vangoita 30 ka nemhuri ya Sauro and close ones vamwe toonera pa live or TV or pa YouTube.”

The Musaka family is yet to confirm if they will hold a smaller memorial service in order to comply with Covid-19 regulations.

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