Government bans door to door fuel delivery

The Ministry of Energy and Power Development has blocked a venture by a local delivery company Fresh in a Box which had partnered with a fuel entity Heavy Fuels in delivering fuel to anyone over 60 years old, medical staff and critical care workers.

INTRODUCING ‘Emergency Fuel’ Package

The Ministry on Thursday issued a statement saying, “Section 29 of the Petroleum Act states that no one shall retail petroleum products without a ZERA license. EMA Act Chapter 20:27 & SI 12, 2007 requires anyone wishing to transport hazardous to have a Permit from EMA.”
In light of the statement Fresh in a Box issued a statement saying they are stopping the facility of dor to door delivery.

“To avoid faulting any Zimbabwean law and ZERA regulations , we will not be delivering fuel to your home. We will deliver coupons that you can redeem at your convenience at Heavy Fuels (Zimbabwes First EGarage). NO long waits for our vulnerable customers.” Kuda Musasiwa the leader of Fresh in a Box said.

Fresh in a Box had announced that from Friday they will be delivering fuel at pump price with delivery and logistics charge of $5-$15 to pensioners, critical care workers, pregnant women and people with disability.

Heavy Fuels was founded in 2017 and is a supplier and distributer of bulk and retail petroleum products throughout Zimbabwe, and also building liaisons with companies throughout Africa. The company has grown over the year, resulting in it venturing into other businesses.

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