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Gospel musician Daniel Mhere now a truck driver

Gospel musician Daniel Mhere now a truck driver

Gospel musician Daniel Mhere is now a truck driver

Gospel musician Daniel Mhere says the Covid-19 induced lockdowns taught him to venture into other businesses for survival.

Daniel, who turned 38 on Monday, said he is now a cross border truck driver.

“My brother as you know Covid-19 affected everyone and I am not spared.

“I am now a cross border truck driver but I won’t quit music.

“I am happy with it and I am very comfortable.

“When I am not travelling I will be doing music and it keeps me busy,” he said.

He added:

“I turned 38 on Monday and I thank God for that.

“We are not growing any young and it’s the time where we are shaping the future of our children.

“I am learning new things each and every day which I am getting.

“Like wine i am getting better with age.”

Daniel also told this publication that he will not quit music for trucks but the new adventure will run concurrently with music.

“Many people will be surprised I tell you kuti truck driver varikuita seiko ava.

“Our mission as gospel artistes is to win lost souls and strengthen hearts of believers in these trying times.

“I am actually putting final touches on my fifth album titled Agreemente naMwari.

“It will hit the market next month and it will explain why I took my new route.

“To me music is calling and for that reason I will continue to praise God and preach his good news,” he said.

Daniel has also encouraged people to continue observing all Covid-19 rules and regulations despite the announcement of relaxation of the lockdown by the President.

“We want to thank the responsible authorities for relaxing the lockdown but I encourage people to continue observing all the measures we are told by them.

“If we all follow all the regulations we can combat Covid-19.

“I also encourage people to get vaccinated as it helps to fight this evil Covid-19.

“Our plans have been affected by the lockdowns so let’s use this time wisely, we don’t want to go back again.

“Let’s be like Israelites who never went back to Egypt where there was Pharaoh.

“If we all observe the rules and regulations we will all reach the promised land, a free Covid-19 era,” he said.

Currently, he has four albums to his credit namely Na Jehova Zvinoita, Heavy Rain, Crossing Over and Another Level.

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