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Godogotha1st Slam Prophet Passion Java!

Godogotha1st Slam Prophet Passion Java!

Godogo ‘Ginimbi’s friend’ has come out guns blazing on social media blasting Socialite Prophet Passion Java for using Ginimbi’s funeral for clout chasing.

In a lengthy Instagram post Godogo says Prophet Passion Java and Ginimbi were never in good books suggesting that the prophet might have been lying about the relationship between him and the late Ginimbi.

Below is an unedited post from Godogo slamming the flamboyant prophet:

godogotha1st – @prophetpassion with all due respect let @ginimbi rest in peace , you can still be you if you keep his name out of your business/mouth seems like you are trying to gain social mileage over his death. Ease up man not even the prophets who had a personal relationship with him have mentioned anything. Allow it man #ginimbi wasn’t even cool with you like that but you find it so easy to chat all that shit about him. You didn’t even know him like that smh 🤦🏿‍♂️ #tiredofyourcloutchase #ripginimbi #zimcelebs

Prophet Passion Java ha earlier said that he went to hell looking for Ginimbi but he couldnt find him there then he was later directed to Heaven and he saw and spoke to the Ginimbi.

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