Home Celebs “God Chose Me To Lead,” says Lady Squanda!

“God Chose Me To Lead,” says Lady Squanda!

“God Chose Me To Lead,” says Lady Squanda!

Lady Squanda believes she was chosen by God to lead and change the lives of many people, especially the girl child.

The self-proclaimed Zim dancehall queen, who is no stranger to controversy, said negative reactions from the people and social media did not deter her as she was misunderstood.

Speaking to H-Metro, Lady Squanda said loyal fans and women who look up to her motivate her to keep making music.

“I believe I am something that has never been there. I am a rare and peculiar person.

“I never chose to be who I am. God chose me.

“It’s a gift from God, and it makes me strong and keeps me pushing in his career,” said Lady Squanda.

“So many women and girls look up to me. I cannot disappoint them.

“I have die-hard fans and I don’t care what people say.

“At one point in time my father once told me to quit music after noticing the attacks I face in this industry, but I won’t stop,” she added.

Though Lady Squanda said she was unfazed by the negative comments from people about her art and lifestyle, she does not tolerate some bullying or attacks that affect her family.

“I have accepted that being famous comes with criticism.

“I have tolerated it, but I do not like it when it goes far into my family especially my children.

“Those are some of the reasons why you might see me having scuffles with some people,” she said.

Lady Squanda said some of the things she does are misunderstood in our society because they are borrowed from Jamaican dancehall culture.

“People should know that Zim dancehall is a borrowed genre from Jamaica.

“As a woman if you wear outfits like those Jamaican artists you will be criticised a lot.

“Some of the things we do are for entertainment and it is misunderstood by many,” she told H-Metro.

Lady Squanda is one of the first female Zim dancehall chanters who paved the way for many chanters in the genre.

She is undoubtedly one of the women who should be celebrated in the music industry for her contribution despite the controversy in her life.

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