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Glenview residents fight over water

Glenview residents fight over water
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Some Glen View residents spent Heroes Day without water after an unknown person locked a community borehole along WilIowvale Road.

The borehole is controlled by “community administrators” who make residents pay a fee to access water.

The story was however, different on Monday when they woke up to new locks on the borehole. One of the residents said people were not happy with self-imposed community administration members who were making residents pay to access water at a borehole drilled by donors.

“We do not know who decided to starve people from accessing water by blocking the borehole today (Monday),” said the resident.

“What we know is that people are not happy with few people who daim to be the supervisors of the borehole that was drilled by donors.

“They are cashing in on donated water that is why people are furious about it because every dol-lar counts, which they are pocketing.

“It is better to take turns in guarding the bore-hole instead of charging for donated water.

“City of Harare is failing to provide water to residents all the time that is why these so-called administrators are preying on desperate residents.

“Dambudziko guru nderekuti isu vanhu tisu tinorwadzisana pachedu zvino nhasi taswera netsvina nenyota nekuda kwemunhu ashinhwa akakiya pakakiyiwa,” said the resident.

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